Game Sports General Regulation for Players

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WCG Tournament Structure

A. National Qualifiers

National Qualifiers are an online tournament to select 2 national representatives (individuals or teams) per game title to provide the opportunity to participate in the Regional Qualifiers

B. Regional Qualifiers

Regional Qualifiers are online tournament where national representatives may participate. The final top 8 teams may proceed to the Regional Finals (offline tournament)

1. 奇幻城官网China (Mainland China) is considered as one region; China Region.

There is no Regional Qualifier for China Region

C. Regional Finals

Regional Finals are the last stage before proceeding to WCG 2019 Xi’an, Grand Final. 8 teams that have advanced from Regional Qualifiers will compete offline with another until final 2 teams remain. Final 2 teams from each region will proceed to the Grand Final

D. Grand Final

WCG 2019 Xi’an, Grand Final will decide the global champion of the 8 teams that have advanced through National Qualifier, Regional Qualifier and Regional Finals on their 5 months long journey

Online Tournament Structure
(National Qualifiers & Regional Qualifiers)

A. Online Tournament Platform

1. 奇幻城官网APAC, AMERICAS and EUROPE Region : Battlefy

2. 奇幻城官网CHINA Region : VARENA

B. Regulations in the Online Tournament

1. To participate in WCG tournament, all members of the team must have same nationality.

2. Basic English required, administration in done in English.

Except China Region (Mainland China)

3. 奇幻城官网All players should be fully aware of the rules related to his/her game title.

4.    All players participating in WCG must connect to correspondent tournament discord channel before beginning their match.

       Also WCG will provide information regarding qualifiers through discord, and players shall be responsible for any disadvantage arising from not checking such

5. Each player may only participate once and one official title of WCG 2019 Xi’an

6. 奇幻城官网Players may communicate with WCG Committee or referee through WCG official channel.

China (Mainland China)

- 奇幻城官网In order to do so, you need Varena username as well as tournament join code that you received from WCG.

Global (Except Mainland china)

- 奇幻城官网In order to do so, you need Battlefy username as well as tournament join code that you received from WCG. (Except China Region)

7. Players must use their personal ID (Account) when registering.

8. Team name is required in a team game title.

9. 奇幻城官网Player must not change Online Tournament Platform user name (Battlefy / VARENA)

10. Players that change user name are subjected to severe consequences such as disqualification or penalties.

11. 奇幻城官网You may not use special symbols or any language that is discriminating or vulgar including but not limited to race, color religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, drugs, and violence for personal ID and team name.

12. Players must submit accurate information to WCG for managing tournament. If a player submits inaccurate or false information, they may be subject to disqualification and other penalties.

13. 奇幻城官网Players that use other software (including plug-ins in any forms like MAPHACK and SCRIPT) during a match without the consent of a referee or client side modification will be considered cheating and may be subject to disqualification and other penalties.

14. Players must show respect to other participants during the whole event.

15. Players must participate each games with seriousness with intention of winning. Passive behavior in games may be subject to forfeit or disqualification

16. Players trying to make malicious use of the rules, infecting competition equity, or not complying with the WCG committee decisions will be disqualified and can be excluded from future WCG events.

17. WCG can adjust penalties based on the surrounding circumstances and decision by the WCG Committee. Most severe penalties include disqualification from the tournament and indefinite ban.

18. If a dispute occurs during or at the end of match, player may call admin for an appeal based on instructions provided by WCG Committee.

19. WCG may use photos, game play footage and interview footage to promote WCG 2019 Xi’an tournaments.

20. 奇幻城官网Participants that insult, show aggressive behavior or do not follow instruction from admins and organizers may be subjected to penalties or disqualifications 

21. Players that proceed from Regional Qualifier to Regional Final (offline tournament) must provide passport information and other personal information through process designated by WCG. 

22. If a problem occurs during the online tournament, you must inform the WCG Committee within 15 minutes. If the time surpasses 15 minutes, it becomes the player’s responsibility

23. If you dispute a match with no grounds, you may be disqualified from the tournament. You must have proper grounds in order to call for a dispute. Without them, you may be subject to penalties and disqualification. 

24. WCG, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change rules, regulation, game settings, and operation guidelines and reserves the final interpretation right to the rules.

Offline Tournament Structure
        (Regional Finals & Grand Final)

A. To participate in WCG tournament, all members of the team must have same nationality. 

B. 奇幻城官网Teams that proceed from Regional Finals to Grand Final may change up to 50% of their team mate. However the substituted member should have no record of participating in WCG 2019 Xi’an tournament. (For team title only)

C. All WCG 2019 Xi’an offline tournaments will start with group full league (Group stage) and then proceed to single elimination tournament (Knockout Stage)

D. 奇幻城官网2 teams or individuals will proceed to the Grand Final per WCG region. However, this can change depending on decision made by WCG Committee

E. 奇幻城官网WCG 2019 Xi’an’s region are divided in to APAC, AMERICAS, EUROPE and CHINA. The Regions may hold different countries based on game titles.

F. WCG Committee reserves all rights to the content related to the Tournament. Players/teams may not request the rights to the said content.

G. Following is an example of tournament structure with 8 groups. 1st & 2nd place from each group will proceed to the single elimination tournament. (Total of 16 slots)

Regulations in the Tournament Area (Grand Final only)

* WCG will not provide personal practice areas at the WCG 2019 Xi’an Grand final venue

A. Basic Guideline

1. All participants should abide by the rules included in this document and uphold the highest level of sportsmanship as representatives of their respective countries.

2. Players whose actions serve to disgrace his/her reputation and his/her country’s national honor shall be disqualified by the WCG Committee.

3. 奇幻城官网All players should be fully aware of the rules related to his/her game event (title).

4. All players should pay attention to the referees’ instructions and comply with them.

5. 奇幻城官网Players participating in the tournament should wait in designated waiting areas in the tournament area between matches and prepare for his/her next game to ensure smooth tournament progress.

6. Players must understand and follow the announced tournament timetables and match schedules.

7. Be aware that the scheduled match time is when the match starts, you will not be given additional time to make match preparation. If a player does not arrive on time, a referee can disqualify the corresponding player. 

8. The match schedule may be adjusted depending on the tournament operations. It is the player’s responsibility to stay in the venue and listen for referees’ instructions.

9. Players are not allowed to have personal electronic devices (mobile phones, radios, MP3 players, etc.) in the tournament area. The use of non-communication equipment need to be confirmed by the referee or WCG Committee, or it might result in warning or loss by forfeit.

10. WCG Committee recommends players to bring their own mice, keyboards, headphones, and any other peripherals to recreate their own best playing environment.

11. The setup and care of any personal equipment are the player’s sole responsibility. If it is not possible to use the personal equipment for any reason, the players must use equipment provided by WCG Committee.

12. When installing personal equipment, the players must remove and place WCG Committee provided equipment at a location specified by the referee. 

13. Players agree that WCG Committee cannot be held liable for loss, theft, and/or damages of personal equipment.

14. 奇幻城官网WCG Committee will not be responsible for performance issues related to peripherals.

15. 奇幻城官网Players cannot access internet without referees’ permission.

16. Players may not bring food into the tournament area. In case of drinks, players are permitted to bring bottled water and/or non-alcoholic beverage with cap into the tournament area.

17. WCG, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change rules, regulation, game settings, and operation guidelines and reserves the final interpretation right to the rules.

B. Pre-match Preparation

1. Players must sit in the seat assigned to them by a referee.

2. If any system error or any technical issue occurs during setting up personal equipment or during pre-match practice, the player must notify a referee for resolution.

3. Each player must select his/her recording option according to the instructions provided by a referee. (on a game event/title basis) 

4. 奇幻城官网If a player arrive at their seat after the designated time, the time is taken away from the warm-up time.

5. The warm-up for each title is decided by the referee, and if a referee decides that no such time is needed, the match may start immediately.

6. Players must set up personal equipment within 10 minutes of the referee’s notification for set up, except for the delays caused by broadcasting or technical issues. A warning may be given for overtime, and if the player is found to be delaying the match for non-technical reasons, the referee may declare the match forfeit.

7. 奇幻城官网A player who has completed his/her pre-match preparation should wait in his/her seat until the match begins.

8. A player who is not present at the tournament area until the match starting time could be disqualified by the judgment of a referee. In this case, the opponent will win that match by default.

C. During a Match

1. At the end of pre-match preparation, a player should inform a referee of his completion of preparation, and then confirm the notices provided by the referees.

2. 奇幻城官网Each match will begin after each player is given the “go” signal by a referee.

3. If the match starts without the referee’s permission, the referee may stop the match at any time.

4. Any kind of communication is not allowed outside of your team mates (ex. team leaders, referees, and other outside communication) during a match.

5. 奇幻城官网At the end of each match, the players must receive approval from a referee before leaving their area. If a player violates the above rule, the completed match will result in his/her forfeit.

6. Players who have finished the match should show the last screenshot to a referee and remain in their seats until instructed to leave.

7. The winner of the match must save replay file according to the referee’s directions. (On a game event/title basis) If the replay file is not saved intentionally, the referee may declare a disqualification and change the result of the match.

8. Players may not transmit replay files created during the tournament operation in any shape or form to outside sources. If a player is found to be in violation of this regulation, all of that player’s matches will be declared loss by disqualification.

9. 奇幻城官网Speakers may not be used. (only headphones or earphones)

10. Any discussion, comments, acts related to the opponent’s game are prohibited.

11. 奇幻城官网After the match, players should check their schedule for their next match, and wait in the “waiting area”

D. Stage Match

1. All participants assigned to stage matches must follow the staff and/or referee’s instructions.

2. Refusal of assigned stage matches without a proper reason will result in an automatic forfeit loss of the match.

3. It is possible to change the rules without notice in the case of stage matches. However, such match procedure will be carried out after agreement of either players/sides or team leaders.

4. Setup time for stage matches are decided by the stage manager. The players must follow the stage manager’s direction unless there are special circumstances that prevent the player from doing so.

5. All participants assigned to stage matches must agree to and sign the stage match agreement form.

6. 奇幻城官网Players must wear the official stage match uniforms to be provided by WCG Committee before each stage match. 

7. If headset is required for the event, the player must wear the headset as directed by the referee. The players may not take off the headset at any time during the match.

8. 奇幻城官网Players must adjust the sound settings according to the referee and/or staff’s directions, and may not change the setting arbitrarily.

E. Causes for Warning or Disqualification

1. 奇幻城官网Players may forfeit the match or disqualified from the tournament if they break WCG’s rules, regulations or uses abusive speech WCG Committee.

2. 奇幻城官网If WCG Committee finds player’s behavior that goes against the WCG’s spirit of fair play and proper etiquette or any behavior that does not show dignity, display courtesy and good manners toward others. 

3. 奇幻城官网Player cheats or deliberately provide false information to WCG Committee.

4. Non-permitted trips away from the player’s village and/or the WCG 2019 Grand Final site

5. 奇幻城官网Abusive speech and behavior against the tournament staff (referees, etc.) and/or other players

6. 奇幻城官网Any kind of cheat referring to the game rules

7. 奇幻城官网Any intentional defacing, damage and/or modification of the items (console,  PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.) provided for use to players

8. Non-conformance with the proper wearing of player identification, uniforms and attachments (ID cards, player bibs, etc.)

9. 奇幻城官网Leaving the tournament site and not returning by 15 minutes before any scheduled match time (includes all circumstances including non-reported injuries and sickness)

10. Leaving the tournament area without the referee’s permission

11. 奇幻城官网Refusal of assigned stage match(es)

12. Not being present for match(es) at the scheduled match time

13. 奇幻城官网Any other inappropriate behavior, as decided by the referee and/or the operations staff, may result in a warning or disqualification.

F. Right to File a Protest/Objection

1. 奇幻城官网If a player does not agree with a match result, the player must raise an objection to the referee immediately after the match. After the player signs the result sheet, objections will not be accepted.

2. 奇幻城官网If a player does not agree with the mediation of a referee, he/she can file a protest to the dispute resolution committee (WCG Committee). The decision of the committee will be the result, and thus a player can be disqualified if he/she does not obey the final decision of the dispute resolution committee.

3. Dispute resolution committee makes a final decision after checking the facts.

4. Both players (team leader) must sign the Agreement of Dispute Resolution as presented by the dispute resolution committee. Neither player (team leader) may raise objection to the resolution once the agreement is signed.

Version: March 11, 2019