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[Update] Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Map Pool & Map Rotation (APAC/AMERICAS/EUROPE)

奇幻城官网 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Map Pool & Map Rotation (APAC/AMERICAS/EUROPE)Hello, WCG players! This is a guide for Map Pool & Map Rotation for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne in APAC/AMERICAS/EUROPE regions.Be sure to be well informed with Map Pool and Rotation. [Map Pools] - Amazonia- Ancient Isles- Concealed Hill- Echo Isles- Last Refuge- Northern Isles- Turtle Rock- Twisted Meadows [Map Rotation]※ APAC/AMERICAS/EUROPE Regions – National Qualifiers - Round of 128 : Amazonia- Round of 64 : Concealed Hill- Round of 32 : Northern Isles- Round of 16 : Echo Isles- Quarter Finals : Last Refuge- Semi Finals : 1) Northern Isles 2) Concealed Hill 3) Last Refuge※ APAC/AMERICAS/EUROPE Regions – Regional Qualifiers - Round of 256 : Concealed Hill- Round of 128 : Northern Isles- Round of 64 : Echo Isles- Round of 32 : Last Refuge- Round of 16 (Final Round) : 1) Northern Isles 2) Concealed Hill 3) Last RefugeThank youWCG Committee

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Starting Anew: Warcraft III at WCG 2019

奇幻城官网 WCG and Warcraft III, Sharing the Same History.Warcraft III has always been one of the biggest highlights of the WCG—from 2003, when Warcraft III was first launched, to 2013, when the WCG was temporarily suspended.In China, there was even a ‘golden age of Warcraft III,’ a time during which Warcraft III was the country’s most popular game. Given China’s huge population, this was no small feat. The popularity of the game is further underscored by the fact that the Korean e-gamer ‘Moon’ Jang Jae-ho was invited as a torchbearer for the Beijing Olympics.In addition to its explosive popularity in China, Warcraft III also won many fans all across the world. During its heyday in Korea, Warcraft III was almost as popular among e-sports viewers as StarCraft. There were also many passionate fans and players of Warcraft III in Europe as well.WCG Gold Medals: China 6, Europe 4, Korea 2In the past at the WCG, China was always among the strongest players of Warcraft III, but it did not completely dominate the game. At each WCG, the battle for medals was always fierce.The biggest stars of Warcraft at the WCG were ‘Grubby’ Manuel Schenkhuizen of the Netherlands who won the gold medal in 2004 and 2008 and ‘Sky’ Li Xiaofeng from China who won the gold medal in 2005 and 2006. These two players fought against each other every year at the WCG, and both were eventually elected to the Hall of Fame.Another great Warcraft player is ‘Moon’ Jang Jae-ho, who won countless trophies, but who failed to take home the Warcraft gold at the WCG. In 2010, another gamer ‘ReMinD’ Kim Sung-sik finally made Korea’s dreams come true by winning the gold for Korea at the WCG.The WCG was suspended in 2013, and as new e-sport games were released, the popularity of Warcraft III started to wane. However, the Warcraft series still has a huge following in China and has continued to live on through various tournaments.With the resurrection of the WCG, many expect that Warcraft will also be restored to its former glory.Preparations CompleteYou may be wondering if the Warcraft III tournament will be held once again in 2019? As far as we can tell, the answer is, ‘Of course.’At the recent 2019 Gamer Developers Conference, NetEase announced the Blizzard Esports plan for China, deciding to offer 5 million yuan (approx. KRW 800 million) as prize money for Warcraft III. This means that in China alone, the prize money will be about 8 times more than the total prize money offered for Warcraft III tournaments in 2018 worldwide.‘Warcraft III: Reforged,’ slated for release in 2019, aspires to completely revamp the game to meet current trends. Instead of simply improving graphics, the game renews the UI and balance. Blizzard, the game’s developer, has even said that the word ‘reforged’ in the game’s title is meant to express the idea of ‘evolution.’With the release of the newest game in the Warcraft series, everything will be like new. Blizzard and NetEase have extended their partnership in China through January 2023. This partnership is expected to breathe new life to the Warcraft games, and provide new opportunities for master gamers to gather together to create gaming festivals. Fans are also anxiously awaiting the new release and are ready to flock to the venues where the history of gaming will soon be rewritten.One of the most exciting things about this partnership, the release of the new game, and the revival of the WCG is that gaming legends from the past will have the chance to prove themselves once more. Gamers from some of the most memorable moments in gaming history will come together once again at the WCG, the biggest and best battleground for Warcraft III.The Chinese Flag Flutters High and the ‘Moon’ Rises Once AgainWarcraft III is still very popular in China, so China has many high-level players and has the most gamers who will be able to compete for the WCG gold medal in Warcraft. However, the biggest ‘x-factor’ for Warcraft III at the WCG is also the game’s biggest star.‘Moon’ Jang Jae-ho is one of the greatest legends and rivals, of gamers in China. He is hugely popular and is a symbolic player. He was even invited to run as a torchbearer for the Beijing Olympics, despite the fact that he is Korean and not Chinese.Moon is now in his mid-30s, but he is still a force to be reckoned with, and he has his eyes set on the gold. People say that recently, Moon’s skills have improved. Moon has passed the exhaustive and difficult Korean preliminaries and is headed toward the WCG Final in Xian, China.The prize money for Warcraft III at the WCG is USD 25,000 for the gold medal, and USD 10,000 for the silver medal. Players who have passed the national and regional qualifiers will meet face-to-face to compete in the regional finals. China is a region all by itself, so top players from China will only compete against players from other countries at the Grand Final.It is hard to predict whether Jang Jae-ho, a player from China, or a gamer from another country will go home with the WCG gold in Warcraft. Will it be an undying legend or a rising new star that will stand as the hero of this story of resurrection? Only time will tell.

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WCG introduces "WCG Robot Fighting Championship: Ganker Arena" with GJS

奇幻城官网 World Cyber Games(WCG) is proud to announce that GJS ROBOT(GJS), the industry leader in battle robots, has become the partner of WCG 2019 Xi'an’s robot competitive gaming in New Horizons sector. New Horizons is a new sector in WCG that presents future sports based on new tech. In WCG 2019 Xi’an, WCG will present ‘WCG Robot Fighting Championship: Ganker Arena’ in partnership with GJS.The preliminary schedule will be announced shortly.

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Important announcement regarding Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Korea National Qualifier

Dear Players  This is the WCG committee. Currently, WCG is running more than 300 online tournaments in over 80 countries as part of the WCG 2019 Xi'an Game Sports competition. To run a fair contest, we announced the rules for each event in advance through the WCG official homepage and tournament page earlier in March, and these were agreed by all players. While running the WCG 2019 event, we're striving to actively reflect the opinions of the players.It was stated in the rules that all competitions should be played on the designated servers, this includes the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne tournament.  However, the 1st match (LawLiet vs Lucifer) of the semi-finals of the WCG 2019 Xi'an Warcraft III Korea National Qualifiers was found to be played on a non-designated server.In principle, the two players should be disqualified, but considering the purpose of the WCG is about ‘participation of everyone’, there was a lack of malice from the players, and we considered the opinions of many users,the WCG committee decided to re-run the match on the designated server. The WCG committee requests that all players make an effort to be aware of the regulations so that such a situation does not occur again, and WCG will do our best to ensure that all players can play in a more comfortable environment to make this a great experience for all involved. Sincerely,WCG Committee

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Samsung Electronics Named the presenting partner of WCG 2019 Xi’an

WCG has reached a partnership agreement with Samsung Electronics to grant the status of presenting partner in WCG 2019 Xi'an.The partnership deal gives Samsung the exclusive marketing rights for PC, memory, SSD and mobile products across WCG 2019 Xi'an campaign.WCG and Samsung Electronics will soon hold a signing ceremony and jointly launch WCG 2019 Xi'an related online and offline marketing and promotion activities.

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